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Navan Pitch and Putt Club


The Club was formed in 1961 and was located at Ardsallagh, Navan, which is approximately 3 miles from our current location.In 1964, the then committee decided to move to our present location, where they rented the land from the local Mercy Nuns. The course and greens were marked out in October 1964 and were ready for the 1965 season.
The Clubs first clubhouse was the timber structure, which can be seen at the back of the course, which today is our machinery store.In 1976, a new clubhouse was built which is the pre-fabricated structure to the right of the existing clubhouse today.Indeed this clubhouse is still used regularly.
In 1978, the Mercy Nuns decided to sell the lands and the Club was offered first refusal, which it duly took.The purchase price paid was £15,000 that was half the asking price.A good investment in any mans terms.
In 1980 due to the growth in membership, the then committee decided to expand our clubhouse facilities.This venture was made possible by generous sponsorship from the local business community, members and private individuals.
The foundations of the present clubhouse were laid in 1980 and work has been ongoing to the present day as can be seen from our new lounge facility.
The Club received its first bar licence in 1984.The bar facilities we have today are a far cry from the ‘Sibin’ we had in 1974 where by the way it is rumoured that spa water was sold as vodka.
The Club has been running a poker classic every Friday night since 1976 to the present day.  In addition, for the past 16 years a lotto draw has been run in order to generate funds for the club developments.
The Club have had the honour of hosting various competitions such as the National Matchplay Championships the Inter County, Leinster, National Scramble and Meath County Championships.We were also the proud hosts of the Ladies National Strokeplay in 2013.
The course has recently been given Championship grade status and we will be hosting the 2014 National Juvenile Strokeplay and Inter County Championships.The Club you see today has developed from a network of one committee following on in the footsteps of another.The course has seen several changes in layout over the years and remains one of the finest courses in Ireland.
The Club has come a long way from the beginning in Ardsallagh to where it is today.
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