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Return to Play

Return to Play

P.P.U.I. - 12/05/2020 - 18th May 2020

Return to Pitch and Putt on May 18th.

Pitch and Putt Ireland are pleased to publish protocols for a safe return to playing our Sport, our aim is to ensure that it is played in a safe environment during this pandemic. It is important that clubs take on board all aspects of these protocols.

The health of our members and all others who play our sport is very much to the forefront of our thinking, and therefore it is vitally important that all players are familiar with public health measure as set out by the Government. It is pretty much agreed by all medical personnel that this virus doesn't like the outdoors and therefore there is a much lesser chance of contracting it, while out playing, provided social distancing and proper hand hygiene and cough etiquette are strictly observed.

Public health guidelines will be continually updated, and therefore this document will be updated in accordance with public health announcements.

This is the only official document on protocols for a return to playing, all other documents circulating have not been submitted to Sport Ireland.

Multi Signs owner John Hoey (Glenville) has designed a display COVID 19 sign for Clubs, it can be viewed here Pitch and Putt Ireland COVID 19 Sign

He has put together a package for interested Clubs: -

  • The cost of one sign (800x400) is €20.00, the cost of 2 Large signs + 2 Smaller (400x200) is €40.00 and the cost of 1 Large + 4 Small is €40.00.

Contact details: John Hoey 085 8546157 or info@multisigns.ie.

Clubs wishing to open for play must ensure the following: -

  • Members with any symptoms of the virus must stay away from courses. Social distancing rules are observed both on the course and in car park. Play in the first phase is restricted to members only

  • Clubs must have a logbook for members to sign-in (using own pen/pencil) with their name, address, contact number and the time they played (this is essential for contact tracing)

  • Maximum of two players per tee (at ten minutes intervals, no cards issued and no Competitions organised). Clubhouses to remain closed except for toilet facilities

  • Do not handle the other players clubs or golf balls and do not shake hands

  • Members are reminded not to touch flags or flagsticks. Cups can be altered for easy retrieval of the ball. Attachments to flagsticks are commercially available to allow players to retrieve the ball without handling flagstick. To facilitate this the rule that the flagstick must be removed and placed off the green is being suspended temporarily

  • Alternatively play can proceed without flagsticks

  • Clubs should erect signage in relation to Social distancing and should ensure that they have adequate handwashing facilities

  • Hand sanitisers should also be made available

  • Toilets should be cleaned on a regular basis

  • In phase 1, Juvenile members are allowed to play with a parent/guardian/responsible adult

  • In phase 2, Clubs should devise a policy to allow for Juvenile members to play together

  • They should allocate an exclusive specific time for those members who until recently were cocooning

  • The NEC will update this list later

It is most important that clubs take whatever steps are necessary to ensure implementation of these protocols. We know that these restrictions are not going to last forever, and we also know that other opinions will abound, but we think these protocols will allow for a safe return to playing Pitch and Putt.

Pitch and Putt Ireland recognise the tremendous sacrifice made by our healthcare personnel in keeping us safe and looking after those suffering from Covid 19 in such a professional way.

We all realise that 2020 is completely different for us and we have all had to adjust to the new normal. We know many are struggling with various issues because of the changes to our normal lives, and we hope returning to Pitch and Putt despite the limitations for this year, will be of some assistance to people.

Please stay safe and adhere to all Government and HSE guidelines.

NEC Pitch and Putt Ireland.

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